Property Transfers

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•Garrett Murphy to Garrett Murphy in District 11.

•Fred S. and Martha J. Morris to Michael R. and Shannon M. Beck in District 22.

•Jeff Harrison to Harry C. and Veronica Bradley in District 24.

•Keith A. and Tiffany McGee to Johnathan L. Pierpoint in District 10.

•MMT Properties, LLC to Deborah S. Davis in District 4.

•Robert C. and Janice S. Wolfe to Timothy W. Vestal Jr. in District 21.

•Timothy W. Vestal Jr. to Robert C. and Janice S. Wolfe in District 21.

•Jerry M. Chance to Ciane R. Kroeger in District 5.

•Kenneth D. Ross to Frederick Clarence Wilson Jr. in District 19.

•Heather Eubanks to Ace Eubanks.

•Brittany Hollingsworth and others to Daniel Matthew and Brittney Kelly in District 16.

•Michael and Wendy Coleman to William B. Merrick in District 11.

•Carolina E. Yanders to Page McClerkin in District 22.

•Christopher Lowe and others to Christopher Lowe and others in District 17.

•Johnny R. and Terri L. Burlison to Damon C. and Jessica L. Thompson in District 19.

•Melissa H. Lowe to Scott M. and Sally D. Harn in District 11.

•Shelia Rion Gross to Jason S. and Vickie Allwood in District 11.

•Daniel D. and Joyce Williams to Burton Rayce Colvett and others in District 11.

•Judy Gooch to Joey Lynn and Jodee Lynne Jones in District 13.

•David M. Kubitz to Joan C. Rousseau in District 6.

•Joan C. Rousseau to David Michael and Susan A. Kubitz in District 6.

•Dennis Beecham to Winifred J. and Carter Heath Hollingsworth.

•MRH Holdings to McKenzie Investment Holdings, LLC in District 22.

•Wayne E. and Fannie I. Yoder to Matthew Walls in District 2.

•Wayne E. and Fannie I. Yoder to Richard T. Stout in District 2.

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