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Property Transfers

•Thomas Richard and Janett K. Goodwin to Frank Paul Jr. and Christy Michele McGinnis in District 16.

•Robert C. and Janice S. Wolfe to Timothy W. Vestal Jr. in District 21.

•Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC to The Secretary of Veterans Affairs in District 4.

•Billy Dillahunty to Ensley Dirtwork & Investment Property, LLC in District 11.

•Christopher F. and Amanda L. Sneed to Dealona Kay Adams in District 11.

•Casey B. Drewry to Michael R. and Sherrie B. Austin in District 4.

•Michael A. and Diane S. Williams to Brent C. and Emily R. Laird in District 6.

•Anthony G. and Pamela J. Fetko to Daniel C. and Melonie A. Allen.

•Benford E. Jr. and Heather Wortham to Carol Spivey in District 13.

•Logan r. and Madison Dugger to Eric R. and Linda M. Lade.

•James Eric and Jenifer Pettit to John C. Eubanks in District 22.

•Helen M. Stepp to Jennie and Jack Weaver in District 16.

•Marilyn K. King to Tejay L. Aplin in District 11.

•Austin and Ashley Goodrum to Allen Deese and others in District 6.

•Michael Allen and Vickie Lynn Dye to Richard and Katie A. Cates.

•Jimmy Curtis Moore and others to Colton P. White in District 21.

•Austin and Medeline Page to Jeremy Chase Skousen in District 4.

•Caleb W. and Haley D. Page to Cade M. Rich in District 11.

•James Jr. Boyd to Vickie Boyd in District 16.

•Juan and Esperanza Gonzalez to Deandre and Micah Hodge Twitty.

•Scott Andrew Wilson to Carl Allen Bethany Joy Ownby in District 4.

•Tosh Pork, LLC to Albert C. Rush in District 3.

•James B. and Deborah E. Cox to James E. Roberts and others in District 24.

•Brenda Joyce McDonald to Marvin Ray and Lisa Blurton Vinson.

•Mike and Anita Lane to Shoaf Brothers Farms in District 2.

•Daniel Matthew Kelly to Thomas and Shirley Schoenherr Carey in District 16.

•Casey Drewry to Anil Sud in District 22.

•Austin D. and Madeline N. Page to Anil Sud in District 4.

•Mary Bess and Ronnie Lynn Toombs to Mary Bess Toombs.

•Patricia Litherland to G & C Supply Co., Inc. in District 21.

•Karrah and William Maxwell to David and Wanda Maxwell in District 11.

•W. Kent Jones to Larry H. Cox Jr. in District 4.

•John W. Tucker III to Bradley Lane and Brilynn Derryberry in District 24.

•Dennis Beecham to Brian and Sonia Baird in District 24.

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