Property Transfers

•Michael Connell to Michael and Mark Connell in District 6.

•Walker Huey to Patricia Taylor and Scott Vandell Cunningham in District 21.

•Alberto and Elizabeth Ann Chavez to The Chavez Family Revocable Living Trust in District 20.

•Charles Roland and Catherine D. Argo to Catherine D. and Charles R. Argo in District 4.

•Dylan A. and Hannah Kyle to Gail Kaipio Trust.

•Virginia and Roger White to Virginia and Roger White and others.

•Andrea Lavonne Salazar to Virginia Mann Durrwachter in District 12.

•Angela Sanders to Nathan Ray Chamberlain and others in District 11.

•Haley Marie Frost to Thomas Collie Fox IV in District 11.

•Solomon H. Smith Jr. to Thomas Collie IV and Haley Frost Fox in District 6.

•Logs Legal Group LLP to Jeff Johnson in District 11.

•Arthur and Lisa Kapeller to Sylvia I. Onyensoh in District 4.

•Marc Annis to Randy and Kerrie Walker.

•Sandra Pendergrass to Charles Lee Johnson in District 6.

•Jeff Harrison to S & J Landworks, LLC in District 11.

•Susan Guian Bowker to Judy Carol Chapman in District 11.

•John Gary Wright to John Gary Wright.

•John Gary Wright to Sheryl D. Wright.

•John Gary Wright to David Edward Wright and others.

•Anthony Dale Parker and others to Erin Michelle and Zachary Vandiver in District 22.

•Bobby Robinson to Bobby and Darlene Robinson in District 6.

•Robbie Sue Edwards to Amy Williams in District 16.

•Marshall and Robin Russell Living Trust in District 4.

•James Dale Cole and others to Darrell and Mekisha Ridgely in District 6.

•Shaun A. and Aubrey G. Rogers to Scott and Chelsie Runyan.

•Thomas Richard and Janet K. Goodwin to Frank Paul Jr. and Christy Michele McGinnis in District 16.

•Robert C. and Janice S. Wolfe to Timothy W. Vestal Jr. in District 21.

•Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs in District 4.

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