Property Transfers

•Rikke Bouldin Curtis and others to Ben Thomas Jr. and Meredith K. Surber in District 22.

•Thomas and Nancy B. Richter to Daryl O. and Katherine E. Hawkins in District 11.

•Matthew Simmons to Preston Lamont and Vera Ann Jackson in District 23.

•Arokim Corp. to New Vision Trust.

•Arokim Corp. to New Vision Trust in District 22.

•Timothy K. and Amy J. Brewer to Joseph G. and Misty Kyle in District 11.

•Nonally, LLC to New Vision Trust in District 4.

•Nonally, LLC to Jeremy Chase Skousen in District 22.

•Clayton W. Barger to Tharon D. Holland Jr. in District 11.

•David B. and William D. Scarbrough to Matthew Lynn and Mallory Rebekah Cooper in District 3.

•Fidel Tejeda to Fidel Tejeda and others in District 14.

•James Robert Halford III to Cathy Diane Halford in District 21.

•Bradley Morris Ashby to Jacob and Wendy Sevieri in District 22.

•Steve and Miranda Cagle to Nathaniel Scott and Bethany Nicole Overpeck in District 9.

•Mark Patrick and Linda Joy Roney to Anthony W. and Leann G. Pritchard in District 14.

•FirstBank to Issac Petersheim and others in District 23.

•Danna Delise and John Castleman to Patricia McCuan Born in District 11.

•David Lee Keul to Tiffany McPherson in District 2.

•Carolyn Ann Wall to Linda Wall and others in District 6.

•Robert and Gail Reynolds to Kevin L. and Tracy R. McArthur in District 7.

•Matthew Simmons to Jason L. and Kelby B. Kernodle in District 23.

•Aline Bartholomew and others to Justin and Tonya Whitaker in District 13.

•Summer Brewer to Matthew Daniel and Brittney Rachel Kelly.

•Bradley Morris Ashby and others to Tobin C. and Christy V. Eddlemon in District 22.

•William Kelly Colvett and others to William Kelly Colvett and others.

•Lillian Louise Allen to Donald Charles Swearingen and others in District 16.

•John Dale Back to Kevin and Barbara A. Lane and others in District 6.

•John Dale Back to Chad Derek Markham in District 6.

•Judy Dunn to Brandi M. Knott in District 7.

•Shannon C. Forrester and Stephen Ranzo Hames in District 2.

•Aaron Ozment to Brandi M. Knott in District 7.

•Everett Shannon and Kristy Wiler to Michael W. Hardin in District 11.

•Robert and Gail Reynolds to Marty and Sheri Singleton in District 7.

•James E. and Kaye Lyn Jenkins to Celeste Sullivan Washburn.

•Darryl and Marsha Witwer to Jeffery Clark.

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