Property Transfers

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•Sibyl Lorraine Hickerson to Dakota and Kelly Sumrock.

•Gregory J. Camper to Leslie E. Camper in District 2.

•Frank P. Jr. and Christy M. McGinnis to Thomas Kelly and Tammy Renee Harlien in District 17.

•Rickey Odell Dunn and others to Ricky Odell Dunn and others.

•Jeff Harrison to Chadwick T. Prater and others in District 4.

•Stapleton Family Irrevocable Family Trust to James M. and Dana M. Cobb in District 11.

•Michael and Steven Haywood to Thaddeus Hall and others in District 8.

•Luis F. and Andrea L. Salazar to Lacey Dawn Prater in District 11.

•Fred and James R. Morris to Mary E. Long in District 4.

•Sibyl Lorraine Hickerson to Dakota and Kelly Sumrok.

•Richard L. and Marion M. Thompson to Danna Kay Walkers in District 1.

•Todd B. and Michelle N. Simpson to Adam Watwood.

•Sylvia Whitaker to Anthony W. and Leanne G. Pritchard in District 14.

•Eddie Floyd to U.S. Bank Trust National Association in District 24.

•Phillip and Sandra Barnett to James Alan and Mary Catherine Keen in District 11.

•Adam Samuel Clayborn and Kimberly Crews to Claude E. and Vicki D. Corkern.

•Don Edmonds to Wooden Run LLC.

•Harold T. and Bernadita C. Brou to Sterling Shores LLC in District 7.

•Hetal Amrutlal and Kent Anchandra K. Petel to Vijay A. and Mital Vijay Patel in District 11.

•Larry L. King and others to Larry L. and Joann King and others.

•David S. and Marisa L. Smith to Kandy A. Rhoads and others in District 11.

•Don Bush to Marian E. and Diane M. Tope in District 7.

•Bradley and Laura Berlatsky to Brandon J. and Lauren P. Harrison in District 4.

•Dalana P. and Zachary C. Pendergrass to Van A. and Louanne P. Blackketter in District 5.

•Yoandy Morales Palacio to Paul D. and Sharon A. Spencer Lawrence in District 5.

•Jonathan Massey and others to Keith Ray Massey in District 2.

•Marilyn Janice Evans to Cassandra Taylor and others in District 22.

•Robbie C. Barker to Nicholas and Jessica Warren in District 4.

•Wallace Q and Lawanda Taylor to Felicia Hindman in District 13.

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