Property Transfers

•Charles W. Townes to S & J Landworks, LLC in District 11.

•Elaine Seale Williams to Laura Lei Williams in District 4.

•Connie Joan Jordan to Jacob A. Smothers and others.

•Barry and Vickie Summers to Nicholas J. and Jamie B. Coomer in District 11.

•Joyce D. Jubeck to Jeremiah John and Carolanne Marie Jubeck in District 23.

•Karen to Lifsey to Michael Eugene and John Randall Lifsey in District 16.

•William Otis Alford to William O. Alford Irrevocable Trust.

•Jennifer Lynn Glass to Katie Elizabeth Sanders in District 11.

•Bobbie Wooten to Bobbie Wooten in Districts 2 and 3.

•Ashley Dale and Holly Foster to Daniel and Michele Cole in District 17.

•Aaron H. O’Bryan III to Aaron H. O’Bryan III in District 12.

•Joyce D. Sullivan to Angela and Brad Russell in District 11.

•Kristy Leigh Renzi to Robert Aaron Cushman in District 8.

•Latasha Y. Nesbitt to Celeste McKoy in District 11.

•Jessie and Danett Walker to Jon C. Clark and others in District 2.

•James H. and Ruth E. Vaala-Strong to Eric and Tobi Carver in District 11.

•Lorra A. Boaz to John C. Boaz.

•Louis Dean Doster to Mary Janet Doster in District 4.

•Louis Dean Doster to Mary Janet Doster in District 22.

•Stephen Redale Huey to James W. Adams in District 12.

•Michael and Wendi Biggs to Jorden and Lacy Yeley in District 4.

•Michael L. Patrick to E. Marty and Sherry M. Tubbs in District 6.

•Logan Corbett to Patrick David Fern in District 23.

•Wendy Marie Cary to Jerry Wayne Autry in District 24.

•Jerry Wayne Autry to Samantha Star Autry in District 24.

•Claude E. and Vicki D. Corkern to Stephen F. and Jean S. Damon Koven.

•Rex and Ashley Hart to Daniel and Susan Ann Perry in District 13.

•Kevin and Doug Johnson to Sharon A. Anderson in District 4.

•Michael Umstead to Michael Umstead in District 13.

•Austin and Ashley Goodrum to Gopala Krishna Samala in District 22.

•Bruceton Masonic Lodge #731 to Lucian Kee in District 15.

•Tommy Wayne Dill and others to Tommy Wayne Dill and others in District 7.

•Tommy Wayne Dill and others to Tony E. Sr. and Elizabeth A. Dill in District 7.

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