Property Transfers

•Joshua Lynn and Jessica Hicks to J & E Properties, LLC.

•Wayne R. and Henrietta Crook to Peggy J. Yarbro in District 6.

•Brenda Shannon to Casey B. Drewry in District 22.

•Robert and Cindy Gaylord to Chadwick T. and Genji L. Prater in District 22.

•James M. and Caitlin Sizemore to Timothy E. Niemann in District 14.

•Christina Priddy to Stephen Nicholas Priddy in District 11.

•Christina Montgomery Priddy to Stephen Nicholas Priddy in District 11.

•David B. and Gail B. Bell to Van A. and Louanne P. Blackketter in District 5.

•Adriana G. Gremmels to Patricia Binkley in District 11.

•Preston Carter to Morgan E. Cagle in District 11.

•Theresa P. Davison to Bryan A. Cross in District 19.

•Heath Gallimore to Tippitt Farms in District 17.

•Genise Seymore Corder to Jerry Thomas Corder in District 9.

•Joyce Spain to John Matthew Spain and others in District 6.

•Charles W. Townes to S & J Landworks, LLC in District 11.

•Elaine Seale Williams to Laura Williams in District 4.

•Connie Joan Jordan to Jacob A. Smothers and others. •Barry and Vickie Summers to Nicholas J. and Jamie B. Coomer in District 11.

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