Property Transfers

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•Kathy Lynn Gray to Kenneth Dale Carson in District 11.

•Mark W. Stewart to Kaci Fowler in District 2.

•Henry A. and Rebecca A. Schwartz to Jonas F. and Emma R. Schwartz in District 11.

•John A. and Fannie A. Schwartz to Jonas F. and Emma R. Schwartz in District 11.

•Dennis E. and Cindy Ann Coleman to Daniel Allen and Erica L. Cook in District 19.

•Jimmy D. and Karen J. Moudy to Johnny Lee Moudy III and others in District 16.

•Darryl M. Chatman Jr. to Michael Vincent Jager in District 19.

•Brandon Rutherford to Jeff and Teresa Stephens in District 11.

•Melissa B. and Chad Barnhart to Brandon Eugene Rutherford in District 11.

•Ollie H. and Margie Davis to Howard Ray Davis in District 15.

•Peggy Davis and others to Howard Ray Davis in District 15.

•Larry D. Bobbitt to Carmen Bobbitt McCain and others in District 2.

•Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Newrez, LLC.

•Jessie Mae Bonds to Jessie Mae Bonds and others in District 2.

•Debbie Stallings to Terrance Stallings and others in District 4.

•Jeffrey and Melissa White and others to Jonathan D. and Susan S. Davis in District 4.

•Herschel W. Bailey to Michael Wayne Newbill in District 19.

•Michael F. and Deana R. Seimo to 149 Forney Road Family Trust.

•Charlie Mae Boyd and others to Gary Wayne and Virginia Ann Douglas in District 11.

•Thomas Hanford Rook and others to Mark Lee Rook in District 16.

•Paul McNatt Bumpus and others to Marie Ann Slaughter in District 21.

•Mason Brooke Coulter to Chasity Rae Ellis in District 11.

•Larry D. and Frances Scott to Andy R. Miller in District 11.

•Charlie Paul Massey to William F. and Wanda S. Kirksey in District 11.

•Jeff and Tracy Avery to Carroll Commons, LLC.

•Martin L. Jr. and Lisa A. Batte to Nicole C. Quinn in District 16.

•Carl Arthur Fronabarger to Jimmy Lynn Tate in District 14.

•Laura Nicole Fronabarger to Carl Alan Fronabarger in District 14.

•Louis Dean and Jonathan D. Doster to Spiridon L. and Sandi S. Roditis in District 4.

•Sabrina E. Carlisle to Juanita M. Boyce in District 21.

•Melissa Carter King to Jessic Brooke Carter in District 11.

•S & T Properties, Inc to Austin D. and Madeline N. Page in District 11.

•Sharon Ann Messina to Sherri Ann Sedgebear in District 4.

•Stephen and Vanessa Boba to Jonathan S. and Jeannie M. Hart in District 3.

•Shelia A. Owens to Jerry Owens.

•David Mangum to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc.

•Mark Owen and others to Mark S. Owen and Jeri L. Richardson in District 16.

•Samuel E. and Beverly A. Yoder to Arthur E. Jr. and Karen D. Olten in District 16.

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