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Property Transfers

Property Transfers

•Nina N. Vowell to Timothy W. and Jennifer L. Waldrup in District 4.

•Misty Wynn and Sonny J. Brooks to Charlie N. and Sarah Long in District 4.

•Nathan Chamberlain to Hunter Pruitt in District 2.

•Carolyn M. Ridgely to Darrell A. Ridgely in District 1.

•Northwest Tennessee Property General Partnership to Jason and Alisha Beecham in District 8.

•Daniel Gargus and others to Daniel Gargus and others in Districts 4 and 22.

•Linda Mary Connelly to Sondrea Connelly.

•M & M Lakeside Properties, LLC to Carlos Jaralillo in District 12.

•Timothy Mark and Alan G. Arnold to Johnny Keith and Jonnie Maria Noles in District 15.

•Jason D. Chaney to Timothy Chaney and others in District 8.

•Annie Sue Swindell to Jonathan B. and Heather A. Kee in District 16.

•Jonathan Charles Gorup to Timothy Chaney and others in District 8.

•Charles E. and Charlotte D. Verner to the Charles and Charlotte Verner Irrevocable Trust.

•Malinda Gowan to Jonathan Gowan in District 21.

•Seth Jr. Rogers to Thomas A. and Kim M. Chavez.

•Karey Hensley Rebello and others to Marty E. Ensley in District 8.

•Elizabeth Blakemon and others to Justin Andrew and Linsdey M. Glover in District 7.

•Henry Leroy Berry to Wallace Taylor Brown in District 21.

•Charles I Pruneau to Michelle Renee Doscher in District 4.

•Marcia Keenan to Marcia Keenan.

•Mitchel Shane Guntle to Billy Joe Beavers in District 23.

•Michael Rushing to Michael and Karen Royo Rushing.

•Jonathan B. and Heather A. Kee to Christopher A. Keiko H. Beck in District 11.

•Mary Christine Taylor to Kevin Dwayne Taylor in District 21.

•Mark and Patricia Dillahunty to Joshua and Lindsey Rotger in District 12.

•Sadie H. and Willard R. Borntrager to Rudy N. and Arlene Borntrager in District 16.

•Therrysa M. and John M. Armstrong to Melissa L. and Jake T. Brown in District 4.

•Theresa Donald and others to State of Tennessee.

•Samantha Jennifer Gray Wilkes to Codie N. and Jessica Newsome in Districts 21 and 2.

•Clarksburg Utility District to South Carroll Utility District in District 13.

•Marty E. Ensley and others to Lannie and Regina Bradley in District 7.

•Marty E. Ensley and others to Beaver Creek Management Group, LLC in District 7.

•Marty E. Ensley and others to Ensley’s Dirtwork & Investment Properties, LLC and others in District 7.

•M & M Lakeside Properties, LLC to Dennis Cleveland in District 12.

•M & M Lakeside Properties, LLC to Ensley Dirtwork & Investment Properties, LLC in District 12.

•M & M Lakeside Properties, LLC to Mark Dillahunty in District 12.

•M & M Lakeside Properties, LLC to Elisa Kyle in District 12.

•Elisa H. Whitworth Kyle to M & M Lakeside Properties, LLC in District 7.

•Ryan and Marla Diane Belyew to Stanely W. and Wanda D. Rowland.

•Chrystal Pettigrew and others to Amy Lynn Grimes in District 23.

•Rikke Bouldin Curtis and others to Ben Thomas Jr. and Meridith K. Surber in District 22.

•Thomas and Nancy B. Richter to Daryl O. and Katherine E. Hawkins in District 11.

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