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Property Transfers

•Sabrina Burnine to Sabrina S. Burnine and others in District 5.

•Betty J. Smith to Robert A. Cotton in District 11.

•Dennis Beecham to Michael A. and Terri Plunk in District 24.

•Patsy A. Cunningham to Cathy D. Coleman.

•Ethan Everett Lee and Hayden N. Howell to Matthew and Cassidy Elyse Zellmann Macrae in District 15.

•Patricia Lee Moore to Rodney L. Moore in District 24.

•Heather McKinley and Benjamin S. Dempsey to Braden A. and Cayce D. Maddox in District 11.

•Deborah Taylor to Daniela Patterson.

•Janith Jarvis Garmon to William Dean and Sharon Lee Sherwood in District 9.

•Jason Williquette to Melissa Nelson.

•Marchette Q. Stephens to Daniel E. Brock.

•Alain Bouchard to Randy Albert and Betty Ann Seifert.

•Antonio M. Sr. and Maureen M. Carreiro to Joanne Marie and James Ray Speaker Schultz in District 11.

•Thomas Felice to Joseph Ryan Moudy.

•Gladis K. Foster to Richard Foster.

•James H. III and Linda J. Williams to Joseph D. and Janice L. Foster in District 11.

•Jane C. Torregrossa to Terry K. Sellers in District 30.

•John Stoltzfus to Scott G. and Michael C. Rieman in District 18.

•Richard W. and Antoinette Stokes to Chad and Melisa B. Barnhart in District 11.

•John Stoltzfus to Robert A. and Julie Brown in District 18.

•Dennis Aaron Sellers to Terry K. Sellers in District 7.

•Rowland Mill, LLC to Joshua T. and Jessica Crossno in District 11.

•Dennis Aaron Sellers to Douglas Eskew and Deanna Marie Sellers in District 7.

•Angela B. and Kelly L. McNabb to Ashok and Kimberly Anne Choudhury in District 6.

•Sam Stefanides to Mark and Carol Spivey in District 15.

•Pacific Service Corporation Inc. to Robert L. Haug III in District 6.

•Paula McGowan to Christian Cerda Hernandez and others in District 11.

•Pamela Carol Wyatt to David and Susan Armstrong.

•Rito Rene and Leanna Jay Brown Serna to Rito Rene and Leanna Jay Brown Serna in District 4.

•Cheryl Hubbard to Morgan Lorene Cathey in District 4.

•Stephen and Amanda Phillips Edmondson to Gary and Joyce O’Brien in District 24.

•Robert A. and Renee J. Zinchuk to Ryan L. Delaney in District 11.

•Barry Hollingsworth to Scott M. and Margaret M. Pucino in District 16.

•Susan Prince Chandler to Mark E. Cary in District 14.

•W. Kent Jones to CPHTN, LLC in District 11.

•Edward Wayne and Melissa Ann Chandler to Jeffrey Brian Chandler in District 22.

•Mark D. and Suzanne W. Cunningham to Taylor Rental, LLC in District 11.

•Jo Ann Richardson to Chris Gurley in District 13.

•Gerald Don and Ruth E. McKee to Michael and Tammy McKee in District 6.

•James David and Rose Ann Ford to Donald T. and Denise L. Parent in District 5.

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