Property Transfers

•Hemant S. Patel to Alaa Qaadan and others.

•Marion Elaine Graham to William R. and Sarah A. Hansen in District 4.

•Thomas K. and Rhonda H. Smith to Matthew A. and Sydney W. Lane in District 4.

•Lexie P. Hollowell to Kenny Wayne and Carrie Beth Hollowell in District 21.

•Deedra A. Rich Meadows to Linda Reeves Wallace.

•James Michael and Pamela Michelle Henson to Clint R. and Angela Hodges Wilson in District 11

•Gary and Virginia Douglas to James Matthew and Courtney Leann Hicks in District 24.

•Cathy Carter Dempsey to Joseph Wesley and Tara Elizabeth Arrington in District 6.

•Deborah Mollyhorn Browning to James Gregory Vires in District 6.

•Holly Mollyhorn to James Gregory Vires in District 6.

•Earskin Williamson Jr. to Alice M. Johnson and others in District 21.

•Centennial Bank to Pamela A. Colwell in District 2.

•Don B. and Kathleen L. Arp to Richard A. and Kimberlee A. Solarz.

•Michael Lee and Patricia Ann Stanton to Trevor Wade Keymon in District 21.

•M & M Lakeside Properties, LLC to Ensley Dirtwork & Investment Properties, LLC in District 12.

•Mack and Maria Hair to Victoria A and Andrew P. Barnhart in District 10.

•Charlotee A. Gateley to Robert Clark and Donna Goodrum Williams in District 11.

•Cynthia Street to Naomi and William Williams in District 22.

•Andrew P. Barnhart to Victoria A. Barnhart in District 10.

•Andrew Patrick Barnhart to Victoria Ann Barnhart in District 10.

•Melanie Inot Throckmorton to Zachary Kyle Throckmorton.

•Rogert E. and Cheriadeth A. Rutledge to Doyle and Sue Martin in District 4.

•Mark and Patricia Dillahunty to Marix J. and Angela L. Hughes in District 12.

•Ashley Ann McMullin to Javen P. Schmucker in District 22.

•Uriel Ben Yount to Uriel Ben Yount in District 11.

•Judy Boyd Wookey to John and Linda Humphrey Bailey in District 7.

•Thereasa L. Neely to Brian L. Page and Thereasa L. Neely-Page in District 11.

•Teresa Allen to Hayden N. and Amanda L. Howell in District 16.

•Jeffery D. Stephens to Marchette Q. Stephens.

•Ricky Dean and Judith Ann Anderson to Joe Sasser in District 22.

•Sabrina Burnine to Sabrina S. Burnine and others in District 5.

•Betty J. Smith to Robert A. Cotton in District 11.

•Dennis Beecham to Michael A. and Terri Plunk in District 24.

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