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Property Transfers

•Hope Vinson and others to Matthew Todd Barker in District 19.

•Thomas Hartigan to Charles Stewart.

•Holy Cross Catholic Church to Frank Wessels in District 7.

•Darryl M. Chatman Jr. to Darryl M. Chatman Jr. in District 19.

•Bradley Burns to Timothy Gene and Bennett Dwayne Smothers in District 19.

•Bennett Dwayne Smothers to Timothy Gene Smothers in District 19.

•Primelending to Shannon Faurot and others in District 4.

•Nancy Joyce Spray to Atkinson & Peerson, LLC in District 24.

•Howell Todd to Jason S. Reeves in District 13.

•Kenneth L. Lyons to Joshua Dale Phillips in District 11.

•Mark and Patricia Dillahunty to Charles Prater II in District 4.

•Ruben Dean Petrick Sr. to Jeff Johnson.

•Shannon Wayne Sloan to Cynthia J. Sloan in District 16.

•Larry R. and Ellen K. Wooley to Bradley and Austin Russell in District 24.

•Robyn E. Croll and others to Jeffery G. and Alicia L. Johnson in District 10.

•Powell Partnership to William D. and Patricia Scarbrough in District 3.

•Joe and Dana B. Townsend to Kim Renell Eddingfield.

•James Matthew and Diana Crockett Walker to Dwayne R. Reynolds in District 11.

•Louis Dean and Jonathan D. Doster to Spiridon L. and Sandi S. Roditis in District 4.

•Edward Dwayne and Tiffany D. Hill and Blake and Haley Longmire in District 23.

•Michael Ray Pinkley to Michael Ray and Donna Marie Pinkley in District 24.

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