Property Transfers

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•Judith M. Green to Tiffany R. Green in District 17.

•Michaela Barnhill to Anton Townes in District 22.

•Robert Louis Jamison to Robert Louis Jamison in District 15.

•James D. White to Ryan C. and Kristmar J. Vincent to Carroll Bank & Trust in District 10.

•Kristi Diane Bears to Becky E. and Thomas A. Earl Jr.

•Bunthan and Ratanak Duong Siv to Bunthan and Sovannroth Siv in District 4.

•Mark and Patricia Dillahunty to Harry P. II and Karen L. Anderson in District 12.

•Dwayne M. and Karen K. Pierce to Pierce, Inc. in District 11.

•Richard W. and Antoinette Stokes to Paul and Stacy H. Stokes in District 11.

•James R. Sr. and Tina Boals to James Russell Boals Jr. in District 6.

•Brenda Berryman to Stephen Ray Berryman in District 4.

•Stephen M. and Shelley J. Brunett to Brenda Sue Troxcil in District 6.

•Agnes Bush to Travis Ray and Bethany Lynn Russell in District 22.

•Jimmy and Susie Horton to Beverly Keymon in District 2.

•Jimmy W. and Brenda C. Pinson to Nicholas J. and Jamie B. Coomer in District 23.

•Dustin Blake Bennett to Sherry Kay Bennett in District 2.

•Amy M. Horn to Timothy S. Horn in District 7.

•Brian Alan Edwards to David O. and Martha V. Renfroe in District 10.

•Leah Constantino to Nicholas George and Rhonda Mott Simopoulos.

•Katherine H. Tomlinson to Julia Nan Haynes in District 16.

•Nonally, LLC to The Leiker Family Trust in District 4.

•Dale R. and Deborah S. Davis to Aaron Floyd in District 22.

•Gerald Lynn and James Maxwell Hall to Edd S. Scarbrough and others in District 22.

•Sue Blow to John Michael and Dorothy Jane Presson in District 5.

•Carroll Bank & Trust to Pierce, Inc. in District 11.

•William L. and Emily D. Spencer to Carter Heath Hollingsworth in District 18 and 24.

•C.S. Carty, FLP to Dune-Rakityn, FLP.

•Randell Properties, Inc. to Brennan Chase Firdwell in District 6.

•The late Escoe F. Clifford III to Centennial Bank in District 2.

•Matthew Simmons to Theodore Richard and Tracy Gale Leroy in District 23.

•Steven and Joshua Spencer to Marcus Kurt and Misty Kay Collins in District 6.

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