Property Transfers

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•Darren Parrish to John Michael and Debbie Lynn Sudduth in District 6.

•Helen Laman to Colin Lane Laman in District 23.

•Lisa Ann Scott to Unna Reshae Lee in District 11.

•Brooke E. Witherspoon and others to Douglas and Mitzi Marshall in District 23.

•HAK Acquisitions, LLC to John Cooper.

•William S. Owen to Terry Ray Boane and others in District 4.

•Hunter S. and Bryanna Haynes to Eugene Malcolm Pearson in District 11.

•William Allen and Jennifer A. Espey to Bradley Gordon and Candice Lynn Wilson in District 11.

•Jeff and Tim White to Tosh Pork, LLC in District 15.

•Gabrielle D. Forguson to Christie Anne Vibbert in District 16.

•Tosh Pork, LLC to Jeff and Tim White in District 15.

•George W. Crum to Barry and Lisa Crum in District 13.

•Jerry Kenneth Price to John Thomas and James Kevin Price.

•Jane D. Cary to Kevin Crossno in District 11.

•John W. Whitworth to Daniel Matthew and Brittney Rachel Kelly and others.

•Todd B. and Michelle N. Simpson to Laura Duclos in District 16.

•Kent and Wendy Durham to Kent and Wendy Durham in District 4.

•Christopher and Julie Finley to Jerry W. Boyd and others in District 16.

•Jackie Randall and Kendra P. Carter to Garrett and Jessica Moss in District 23.

•Gracie I. Palmer to David Ray Carter in District 11.

•Patricia B. Andreas to Josh A. Cawthon and others in District 6.

•Ricky Dean Anderson and others to Chance M. and Heather M. Townes in District 22.

•Tyler Hoke to Brandie Lee Hoke in District 4.

•Kimberly White and others to Marsha Barber in District 10.

•Bethel College to Joseph Lynn Lewis in District 14.

•Katie W. Kaler and others to Jonathan T. and Brenda J. Pardue.

•Timothy M. Chadwick to Lydia B. Chadwick in District 22.

•Judith M. Green to Tiffany R. Green in District 17.

•Michaela Barnhill to Anton Townes in District 22.

•Robert Louis Jamison to Robert Louis Jamison in District 15.

•James D. White to Ryan C. and Kristmar J. Vincent in District 9.

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