Property Transfers

•Associated Publishers, Inc. to Dennis M. and Melisa H. Richardson.

•Amy Lynn Grimes to Taylor Lee Walls in District 23.

•John Robert Van Gothem to Allie Franklin and Susan M. Hopper in District 16.

•Carol Fay Powell to Jon Zemanek in District 4.

•Sterling Shores, LLC to David W. and Jamie Creech in District 7.

•William H. Sr. and Vera Shipp and others to James E. and Paul L. McDaniel in District 4.

•Paula Nanette Reilly to Allison Michelle Cole.

•Douglas A. and Kim L. Jones to A. Marie Krebs in District 12.

•Carroll County to Jameelah Green in District 22.

•Christopher Lee and Michele Evans to Morris D. and Debra S. Larkins in District 16.

•Jan Elizabeth Butler to Kenneth and Zoe King in District 16.

•Harry Deloach to Swamp-Oak Group, LLC in District 6.

•Carolyn Reynolds to Besty Ann Davis in District 11.

•Jerry H. Fry to Jerry H. and Tigist Abape Haillu Fry in District 6.

•James and Joyce Robison to Stanley Taylor in District 16.

•Darlene Cunningham Ayers to Monica Cope in District 20.

•Bob Page Jr. Family, LLC to William Cody and William Ray Norden in District 17.

•Bradley and Jennifer Ashby to Rachel Elaine Prater in District 11.

Raven Trevathan

Raven Trevathan

Administrative Assistant

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