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Property Transfers

•Reta Spry to David and Reta Spry in District 10.

•Timothy K. Townes and others to Carolotta DeAllen and others in District 11.

•Juanita King to Karlon King in District 15.

•Lisa Kendrick Hall to Lisa Kendrick Hall in District 14.

•Billy Ray Threadgill to Gary L. Joyce A. O’Brien in District 13.

•Vincent Randell and Mildred Yarbrough to Vincent Randell and Carla Renea Yarbrough in District 15.

•Betty S. Haskins to Rebecca Sue Farrar in District 16.

•Charles Daniel and Diane B. Winkler to James Michael and Pamela Henson in District 11.

•Amy Lewis Justice to Brian Collins and Danita Mary Moloney in District 10.

•Ray Chamberlain to Lucian Jr. and Lorlie Kee in District 11.

•Lucian Jr. Kee to Ray Chamberlain in District 16.

•Ryan and Susan Dyer to Spiridon L. and Sandi S. Roditis in District 4.

•Rosa Lee Peery to David M. and Jade M. Wilkins in District 11.

•Joan E. Heffron to Joseph Lynn Lewis in District 14.

•David Eugene Webb to David Eugene and Emily F. Webb in District 9.

•Jacquelyn Dover to Jonah M. Hayes in District 2.

•Jonathan and Fannie Borntrager to Samuel K. and Dora D. Mast in District 16.

•Howse Baptist Church, Inc. to Patti Dean Smith in District 21.

•David L. Tolbert and others to Cordell Lee and Michelle Deeanne Anglea in District 15.

•Wells Fargo Bank to Cassandra Leigh and Clint David Haworth Stone in District 11.

•Billy Joe Butler to Damian K. Brown in District 16.

•Thomas David and Betty Carol Crocker to Joshua D. and Courtney D. Crocker in District 22.

•Alisha Suzanne Kirby to Timothy G. Kyoko Guy.

•Riley Webb to Nekiea Hall in District 5.

•Betty Lou Chesser to Andrew James Maxwell in District 22.

•Barbara Nicole Moore to Jason Lynn Moore in Districts 15 and 24.

•Zachariah W. Wilson to Jenny M. Wilson in District 11.

•Billy Wayne Byars to Joshua Michael Ulrich in District 11.

•Ben E. Whitehead to Charley Daniel and Janna Brooke Crutchfield Brown in District 4.

•Jerry and Bette S. Robison to Ramiro Gonzales and others in District 15.

•Jacob Aaron Ecker to Margaret Blair Ecker.

•Janice S. Wolfe and others to Pacific Restaurant Enterprises, LLC.

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