Property Transfers

•Judy White to Danny Halter in District 13.

•James Timothy and Wendy Marie Rogers to Daniel T. Rogers in District 2.

•Susan M. House to Bobby Bonee and others in District 11.

•Lacey J. Rainey to Kelly G. and Jerry C. Scott.

•Robert C. and Janice B. Wolfe to Edd S. Scarbrough in District 22.

•FirstBank to Destanye Hollingsworth in District 16.

•Deborah J. Mell to Bobby A. and Sharon Mann in District 10.

•Stanley Frank and Charles Robert Childress to Charles Robert and Stanley Frank Childress in District 2.

•Lavonda and Philip Crider to Robert Seth and Jill Bennett in District 12.

•Norman A. and Victoria Annette French to David Annon III and Elizabeth Nichole Etheridge in District 9.

•GPHS, Inc. to Carroll County.

•Tina Reynolds to State of Tennessee.

•James E. and Ronda Wilkes to John Antee in District 6.

•Shapiro & Ingle, LLP to Regions Bank.

•Adelia Jane Burns to Jimmy Carroll Burns in District 4.

•Timothy Mark and Alan Grant Arnold to Heath A. and Kelly A. Welsh in District 16.

•Bradley Burns to Bradley Burns in District 4.

•Wilodean Whitmore to Wilodean and Bobby Joe Whitmore in District 21.

•Nicholas Wilks to James and Joyce Robison in District 16.

•Ray Chamberlain to James Matthew and Courtney Hicks in District 24.

•Nina N. Vowell to Timothy W. and Jennifer L. Waldrup in District 4.

•Misty Wynn and Sonny J. Brooks to Charlie N. and Sarah Long in District 4.

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