Property Transfers

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•Norma Sue Baker to Norma Sue Baker in District 12.

•Benjamin Todd and Nichole Lee Lawrence to Andrew Franks in District 5.

•Jennie M. Nunamaker to Austin Blake Santiago in District 16.

•William Eric Rudd to Matthew Jackson in District 2.

•Andrew Ridgely to Thaddeus Gilley and others in District 20.

•Jeffery L. Finley to Eugene Finley.

•Kenneth Eugene Todd to Billy Townsend in District 21.

•James L. and Waltenia King to James L. King and Waltenia King Revocable Living Trust.

•Jennie McCain to Trenton McCain in District 23.

•Barbara Ann Miller and others to Carey Counseling Center, Inc.

•Tracy Carol Dunlap to Tyler and Casi Cook.

•Edward Copeland and Zoe Haley to Nicholas Wilks and others in District 12.

•Earnest J. and Lou Jean Brooks to Regina Brooks Thompson in District 22.

•Ronald W. and Olivia Sue Jordan and others to Joshua Brent Grant in District 11.

•Susana Reynolds to Gracie and Ricky Newbill in District 23.

•Lisa Ann Solinger to Sonja E. Eiland Under Trust in District 9.

•Billy Bob and Sara Frances Thomas to Nicholas Jones in District 24.

•Gary Simpson and others to Steven and Barbara Matlock in District 4.

•Donald K. and Patsy D. Lawrence to Michael Adam and Raeleen Marie Burke in District 22.

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