Property Transfers

•Michael Lynn and Teresa R. Sellers to Diane Kennedy and Bryan Sallier in District 7.

•Jason L. Kirby and others to Justin T. and Chelsey H. Johnson in District 11.

•William Allison McAlexander to Darrell Ridgely in District 6.

•Dennis Ray McDaniel II to Dennis Ray II and Casey D. McDaniel in District 13.

•Peggy Ann Elkins to Joshua Eric and Sara Anese McMackin in District 11.

•Thomas Edwards Daniels and others to Larry Ray and Stacie Ann Overman in District 17.

•James D. and Karen A. Hulsey to Indian Lake Property Owners Association, Inc. in District 7.

•Tony and Charlotte Tucker to Travis M. and Natalie McMasters in District 11.

•Wallace R. Pinkley to Joel A. Williams in District 11.

•Jonathan T. Stanley and others to Brad and Courtni Danielle Campbell in District 4.

•Billy and Polly Melton to Wanda Renae Fuller and others in District 23.

•Rebecca Ann Ross to Glenda S. Degener in District 1.

•Michael and Sherrie Austin to James and Patti Patterson in District 4.

•Tommy and Lisa Tippitt to Brent D. and Nancy R. Eubank in District 11.

•Marion O’Neal Replogle to April D. Gateley and others in District 21.

•Thomas and Laura S. Taylor to Marco Taafe in District 12.

•Gerry Lee and Lisa Elaine Hilliard to Michael J. Rigsby in District 11.

•Judith Lee Byrd to John F. Ulen II Revocable Trust in District 7.

•Kenneth J. and Ruby F. Hillsman to Steven G. Bottorff and others in District 22.

•Gorden Jacqueline Douglas to Valerie Hennings.

•Rufus Chandler to Robert and Paula Roam in District 11.

•Andrew Wilson to Craig and Traci Lunn in District 4.

•FirstBank to Roger B. and Carol A. Hillman in District 16.

•Paul Dewey Hugueley to Linsey Todd Hugueley.

•David W. and Elizabeth J. Lott to Tri-County Animal Clinic, LLC in District 4.

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