Property Transfers

•George E. Butler Sr. to Wilvor Butler Sr. and others.

•Kirk Stroyewski to Carl Barry Raidt in District 22.

•Robert and Gail Reynolds to Tammy Lynn and Reed Charles Steffek in District 7.

•United States of America to Amber N. Mueller in District 18.

•Richard and Patricia Benn to Jeffrey Walter and Lavonne Anne Mazik.

•Robert L. and Phyllis P. Taylor and others to Taylor Rental, LLC.

•John T. and Heather Jordan to Paul Ward Jr. in District 11.

•Daniel A. Tusing to Timothy Smothers and others in District 22.

•John Linville and Linda Kay Salmon to Timothy Lyons in District 4.

•Maria Gloria Puentes to Lionel Hughes in District 21.

•Marty W. Roberts to Daniel Matthew and Brittney Rachel Kelly.

•Angela K. Menne to Angela L. and Anthony B. Menne in District 9.

•Joseph Keith and Gina Adkins to AB and Kristie Jaworski in District 16.

•David W. Wilbanks to David W. and Cynthia Wilbanks.

•Peggy Newman to Anthony Newman in District 11.

•Bobby Gene and Thelma M. Davis to Terri Michelle and Jack Laurence Downey in District 1.

•Robert and Gail Reynolds to Donald Kent an Jennie Ledsinger Renfroe in District 7.

•Hard T. and Bernadita Brou to Woods and Water Properties, LLC in District 7.

•Michael Creyssels to Michael and Christie J. Creyssels in District 2.

•Donald K. and Jennie D. Renfroe to Travis Ray and Robyn Rich in District 11.

•Jo Ann Riner to Charles William and Robin Cain Arnold.

•John L. and Donna Atkinson to Constance L. Ali in District 16.

•Christian D. and Mary R. Wall to Nasson S. and Kimberly R. Garrison in District 4.

•Norma Faye Volner to Pamela Kay Volner Brown and others in District 6.

•NCCD-Bethel Properties LLC to Bethel University, Inc.

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