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Property Transfers

•Bradley Lee Hurley to Bradley and Martha Hurley.

•Thomas Reed Wiles and others to Bradley and Martha Hurley.

•Michael Jager to Patrick Allen McAbee.

•Ryan C. and Kristimar J. Vincent to Angela Ulen in District 11.

•Linda F. Williams to Jeremy W. Reeves in District 4.

•Mariana Williams to Laura A. Keeton in District 17.

•Anita Baker and Patrick Smith to Phillip and Sandra G. Barnett in District 12.

•Brain and Allison Owen Winston to Harry A. Walch in District 22.

•David Browning to Jann Murphy in District 21.

•Antwann Ivory to Donald R. and Maggie L. Tutor.

•Carol J. Clifford to Julia Martin and Edwin Dwayne Hinson in District 11.

•Ricky D. and Judith Ann Anderson to Steven D. Scott in District 22.

•Nasson S. and Kimberly R. Garrison to Jacob M. and Alexandria N. Cunningham in District 11.

•Austin and Ashley Goodrum to Lloyd Bryant in District 6.

•Billy Holmes Dillahunty to Dwight R. and Sandra Knight in District 11.

•Jerry Neal Woods and others to David Roger Barksdale in District 4.

•Sherry Fushan Hicks to Donna M. Robinson and others in District 16.

•William Martin Lord to William Martin Lord in District 11.

•Tammie Perritt Duke to Kelli E. Ballard and others in District 4.

•Charles Terrell Johnson Jr. to CTJ Investments LLC in District 22.

•Cara Elizabeth Chadwick to Cara Elizabeth Chadwick and others in District 11.

•Austin Ryan and Courtney Satterfield to Rodney D. Williams in District 4.

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