Property Transfers

•Gregory M. and Lori M. McClain to Dustin A. Ulrich and others in District 2.

•Brandon and Sarah Keller to Sarah Keller.

•Brandon and Sarah Keller to Sarah Keller.

•William and Georgia Ann Umstead to William Howard and Lacosta Gail Mancell in District 12.

•Frank R. Claytor to Gregory Louis and Regina Weddle Phillips.

•Logan W. Drewry to Robert P. Anderson in District 4.

•Tammy Goff Marshall to Bonnie G. and Jon F. Goff.

•Joyce L. Holdren-Gindhart to Lois Ruth Alkire in District 11.

•Dennis and Evie Jeannine Stokes and others to Andrew and Melanie Stokes in District 24.

•Kathryn S. Wilson to Gary E. and Karen W. Wilson in District 16.

•Daniel K. Connell to Charles Glenn Reynolds.

•Advanta IRA Services, LLC to Jenifer Monica Kernahan in District 16.

•Ronald S. Schuck to Elena Schuck in District 16.

•David E. and Janice R. Shader to James Henry and Amy Lynnae Countryman in District 2.

•John W. Whitworth to Tippitt Farms.

•Jenifer Monica Kernahan to Jenifer Monica Kernahan and others in District 16.

•Sherri L. McAlexander to Cynthia Barger.

•Michael L. Stark to Matthew A. Volkening in District 24.

•Dennis Beecham to Kathleen and Jay Luker in District 24.

•Benjamin Seale to Robert Worth and Luann Bush Seale in District 23.

•Derrick and Theresa Mummert to Dustin T. Mummert in District 23.

•Robert and Gail Reynolds to Kenneth Gregory and Dana Michelle Harris in District 7.

•James E. Jr. and Angela F. Moore to Anna Katherine Goss and James Edward Moore III in District 2.

•Jennie Ren McCain to Savannahre’ Renee Bigham in District 11.

•Lou Jean and Earnest Brooks to Tara King Tharpe in District 22.

•Bob Brasfield to Richard B. Jr. and Terri Johnsey in District 6.

•Brenda Gail Harris to Terry L. and Marian M. Herndon in District 21.

•Allison Properties, LLC to Davis McGahey in District 4.

•Charles N. and Tracy Priestwood to Corey Steven Wilson in District 22.

•Edward B. Tucker to Angela Tucker in District 13.

•Roger D. Tucker to Edward B. and Angela Tucker in District 13.

•Thomas Langford to David William Hendrix in District 1.

•Ronald Lee Joyner and others to Ronald Lee Joyner and others in District 16.

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