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Property Transfers

•John D. and Kathie Abbott to Johnny Dawn and Karla Jane Abbott in District 11.

•Jeffrey L. and Teresa H. Stephens to Clayton Wesley Barger in District 11.

•Tony Walker and others to Westley White in District 8.

•Tony Walker and others to Tony Walker in District 8.

•James Wayne Jr. and Kayla Nichole Dicus to Maynard and Cheyenne Clark Stewart in District 16.

•William Claudie Jones and others to Charles Terrell Johnson Jr. in District 22.

•James A. and Jeanene A. Jones to Bradford K. and Tracy L. Dowdy in District 4.

•Andrea and Leonard Nance and others to Gary Lynn Hicks in District 16.

•Kevin D. and Stacy A. White to John Michael and Melinda Jean Martin.

•Tonya Lutz to Kelsey L. Wortham in District 11.

•Jacob Thomas Harper to Danielle E. Harper in District 11.

•Carroll Bank & Trust to Joshua B. Grant in District 11.

•Kenneth J. and Ruby F. Hillsman to Jason and Tara Vandiver in District 11.

•Linda Carol Volinger and others to Hershel Glenn and Ruth Ann Meales and others in District 20.

•Maxine Sanders to Adam Perkins in District 16.

•Jimmy D. and Nancy Simpson in District 16.

•Margie Rebecca and Gina Rebecca Fry to Gina Rebecca and Shirley Fry.

•Robert Bradley and Julie Dianne Cantrell to Tashawn T. Taylor and Pete M. Brown in District 22.

•James R. and Joyce Robison to Amanda and Cory Arnold in District 16.

•Dylan Lee White to Michael Lee White in District 12.

•James Robert and Vera A. Futrell to Community Loan Servicing LLC in District 16.

•James Ryan Ross to Cindy L. Rounding in District 22.

•Patricia Gail Patterson to Nelson Augusta Bandy in District 16.

•Erica C. and Steven A. Boone to Tonya P. Lutz in District 7.

•John and Kathie Abbott to Dennis L. and Janet H. Radcliff in District 13.

•Cheryl J. Smith to Steven Smith in District 4.

•Junron Estates Limited Liability Company to Edd and Al Scarbrough in District 22.

•Debbie and John Michael Sudduth to Debbie and John Michael Sudduth in District 6.

•Alicia Pierce to Linda J. Pickett in District 2.

•Casey Brent Drewry to Robert and Julie D. Cantrell in District 22.

•Deborah Jo Ridings to Deborah Joe Rindings and others in District 16.

•Dylan L. Murdock to Tonya and Lee Hampton.

•Crystal Reene Shaw to Brian Shannon Shaw in District 4.

•William and Georgia Ann Umstead to William Howard and Lacosta Gail Mancell in District 12.

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