Property Transfers

•Hemant S. Patel to Alaa Qaadan and others.

•Carroll Bank & Trust to Jimmy M. and Debra E. Cannon in District 1.

•Terry Joe and Gina Kee to Charles P. and Ruth Mosley in District 22.

•Betty W. Swearingen to Donald Charles Swearingen and others in District 16.

•Betty W. Swearingen and others to Donald Charles Swearingen and others in District 16.

•Patrick Austin and James Edward Jr. Laycook to Paul and Linsay Craddock in District 12.

•Dennis Beecham to Lauren Beecham and Joshua Haynie in District 24.

•Dennis Cleveland to Mark P. and Linda J. Roney in District 12.

•Ronald Lynch and others to Melvin L. Lynch in District 22.

•Patsy Crider to Tina King in District 16.

•Michael T. Tabor to Michael W. and Kimberly H. Granger in District 1.

•Carolyn M. Ridgely to Darrell Ridgely.

•Carolyn M. Ridgely to Darrell Ridgely.

•Shapiro & Ingle, LLP to Primelending.

•Michael M. Vitali to Michael T. McDonald in District 6.

•Danny Moore to Sonja Moore Viana in District 21.

•Selena Brown Jones to Randall Jones.

•Richard L. Vaughn to James E. Couch in District 2.

•Michael and Steven Haywood to Mark and Kristiana L Gacek in District 8.

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