Property Transfers

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•Phillip and Brandon Dalton Jones to William F. Pulliam in District 20.

•Lorine Dunn to Sherry Smith and others in District 11.

•Mark Dillahunty to Ensley Dirtwork & Investment Properties, LLC in District 12.

•M & M Lakeside Properties, LLC to Mark Dillahunty in District 7.

•Tessa L. O’Brien to Ashley Wilson Little in District 4.

•Troy and Christine Klein to Jaffet and Veronica Rosado in District 6.

•Deborah Mavis Parker to Deborah Marie Parker and others.

•Robert and Deborah Cleary to J. Bart Pickett.

•Midway Materials, Inc. to Midway Concrete Products, Inc.

•Horacio Acosta to Roberto M. De Souza in District 14.

•Donald H. Jr. and Tanya M. Ricketts to Anne C. Carter in District 11.

•Carroll County to Charles Land in District 23.

•Stella L. Rivera to Teri Rutledge in District 11.

•Ronald L. and Carmen D. Haltermon to Adam Stevenson in District 7.

•Sarah Earline Hammett to Victoria B. McQuesten in District 11.

•Marcus Terry and Peggy Darlene Mauldin to Eric James and Morgynne Northe Macdougall in District 11.

•Judith Ann Dobson to Tyanna Lynne Ragsdale.

•Pearl R. Rink to Samantha June Evans in District 13.

•Carolyn Chandler to Mark and Trish Ulrich in District 2.

•Carol Ann Boyd to Michael Ray Cunningham in District 22.

•Al and Scott L. Spivey to Al and Scot L. Spivey in District 4.

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