Property Transfers

•Rickey and Cindy Haddock to Gordon Ashby in District 1.

•Johnny and Timmy Blankenship to Johnny and Kathy Blankenship and others in District 6.

•Michael B. Heuss to Kethan Miller.

•Mallori D. Laman to Colin Lane Laman to District 23.

•Nelson L. and Karen Wallis to Nelson L. and Karen Wallis in District 18.

•Harold and Collin Miller to Ashlee M. Young in District 11.

•Jones W. Kent to Carroll Bank & Trust in District 1.

•Matthew and Jeanne Mann to Susan E. Pruett in District 11.

•Daniel J. Lucas and others to David W. and Nancy G. Hicks in District 22.

•Helen Marie Willis to Gary E. and Pamala Lorraine Hogan in District 15.

•Erich Scott and Heather Lea Huber to Gary Edward and Kendra Lynann Herrell in District 11.

•Mark A. McClain and others to Jeremy D. Little in District 7.

•Joey Anderson and others to Susan Coplin in District 22.

•Jackie Allen to Joel Lynn and Kelly Dawn Allen in District 9.

•John Stoltzfus to Scott G. Reiman and others in District 18.

•Mary Romeo to Christopher Martin and Julia Elizabeth Finley in District 16.

•Jesse Bradley to Eric Flores in District 19.

•Ronald and Karen Rickard to Daniel John and Lucas in District 23.

•Nathan Chamberlain to Jasper D. Green in District 16.

•Grafton E. Dodd to Grafton E. Dodd and others in District 14.

•William Bryant to Angela Renee Hawkins.

•Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Lanten Investments, LLC in District 21.

•Hardin County Bank to David S. Smith in District 9.

•Jeff Harrison to Lucian M. Kee Jr. in District 23.

•Highland Properties 1920 LLC to Kenneth D. and Jamie A. Starman in District 11.

•Betty Boothe Merrick to Jeffery Don Wilson in District 9.

•James Ray Sanders to Lisa McCaig in District 16.

•Craig Carlton and Judith Ann Graff to John O. Odom in District 13.

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