Property Transfer

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•Travis Michael and Natalie Paige McMasters to Mark and Kathy L. Cartwright.

•Twania M. Arnold Stewart to Tyler E. and Angel M. Stewart in District 13.

•Stephen L. Hughes to Centennial Bank in District 2.

•Randell Properties, Inc. to Brennan Chase Birdwell in District 6.

•Patsy Ann Jarrett to Brent Hester.

•Patsy Ann Jarrett to Patsy Ann Jarrett in District 9.

•Susan Chandler to Rufus Chandler in District 11.

•Mark Allen Jackson to Teresa Ann Jackson.

•Brittney Waddell to Millard D. and Betty Vowell.

•Ronald L. Doster to Harrison Blake and Laura Fawcett in District 22.

•Kirsten N. and Michael G. McPeake to FirstBank in District 11.

•Mary A. Marable to Jimmy Lee Jr. and Pamela Carter in District 7.

•Jerry A. Robinson to Lillian Marie and William Dakota Windom in District 1.

•Jerry A. Robinson and others to William Blake Green in District 20.

•Jeffrey Wayne McKennie to Jeffrey Wayne and Christopher J. McKennie in District 9.

•Christopher J. and Pamela L. McKennie to Security Bank & Trust Company in District 9.

•Beth Devault to Jacob Rye Williams in District 16.

•Le Ann George to Ashlee M. Young in District 11.

•David Murray Smith to Tommy Spitzer in District 11.

•Regions Bank to Stephanie Sandra Alvarez in District 5.

•Janet Sue Alexander to Robert A. and Dawn A. Baird in District 11.

•Joan Marie Wallace to Joan Marie Wallace in District 17.

•Joan Marie Wallace to Carl Randall Wallace in District 17.

•Frances Arnold to Leslie A. Miller in District 16.

•Stanley C. and Barbara E. Slate to Arthur C. and Gerry P. Helton in District 16.

•Jay Lawrence and Jeffery Lynn Titchen to Joey Conner in District 11.

•Ensley Dirtwork & Investment Properties, LLC and others to Center Pointe Builders, LLC in District 7.

•Michael Lynn and Teresa R. Sellers to Diane Kennedy and Bryan Sallier in District 7.

•Jason L. and Charlotte M. Perry to Justin T. and Chesley H. Johnson in District 11.

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