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David Coy

I was talking with an individual recently and they commented how the topic which we had been discussing was much improved from our first meeting. I then posed this question, what preparations have they set in place mentally if circumstances became worse? We then discussed what if scenarios that would help them mentally prepare if something were to happen and they backslid and returned to old habits of the past. Troublesome times are here from time to time in everyone’s life and that reality we cannot escape. I read that someone said that there is nothing in life to fear; it is just to be understood because fear stems from ignorance. So how should we prepare for sorrow and such like seeing it comes to us all?
An illustration I read in a book told of a question asked of a general as to how his battles were won? He answered, they were won the day before. Since we all know sorrow will come upon us one day it will benefit us greatly if we prepare our mind before sorrow strikes so when it does come we in some way are not surprised. This is reminiscent of problem solving techniques I used to teach years ago. You examine possible narratives that could take place with the possible consequences and pick the consequence that you could best live with. Similarly, you think of the worst possible problem or scenario and then consider all the possible alternatives that you could choose in response. When we are calm we usually use the conscience part of our brain to do the reasoning. When we are under stress often the sub conscience takes over and we react relying on old habits. This may not always be the best choice in a particular situation. Let us train ourselves, our children and anyone else in our circle of influence the value of knowledge and preparing beforehand. -David

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