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Popular Painting Trends for Southern Homes

Popular Painting Trends for Southern Homes

This is it. This is the year you paint your rooms with a different color. The dull neutral-toned palette isn’t helping your case anymore. It’s not that it’s grown stale, but you’ve developed an interest in adding a bit more color into your everyday life. Here are some popular painting trends for Southern homes.

Classic Kitchen Colors

There are many hues to consider aside from the standard neutral-toned colors. With these, kitchens can see a massive yet timeless transformation. The paints many people are excited for and can’t wait to put on their walls are citrus hues mixed with the basic white and many shades of blue.

For a kitchen that feels vibrant and peaceful, you can go with a lime green color to add to your cabinets. This electric color will help energize you in the morning.

Specific Colors for Different Rooms

There are many rooms in many homes. But every room has a specific purpose, such as sleeping, playing, or enjoying lunch. Therefore, you can choose a particular color to suit each space.

For example, when you enter your room and try to drift off to sleep, you don’t want to stare at yellow walls since they’ll energize you rather than tire you out. This is where you can opt for a soothing color like Pantone’s Color of the Year, Very Peri. There are many ways to decorate a room with Very Peri, which is a calm periwinkle that melds well with other understated hues.

Whether you go for a peaceful seafoam green to a muted lavender purple, you can receive the sleep you deserve with calming colors that designate your space as a place to rest.

Other rooms like the kitchen can have colors that energize you, like a lemon yellow or a rusty brown color.

Bringing On Nostalgic Hues

It’s nostalgia time. Over the years, many trends have come up that have completely shifted the interior design game. Paint colors like warm oranges, mustards, and browns take us back to a time when life was simple. You can pair these with cool blues and teals to provide some contrast.

Get your paint rollers ready to apply hues that make every moment in the home enjoyable. If you could turn back time, these hues would help keep every memory safe.

There’s Nothing but Green

Green is a color you may end up using a lot, especially if you’re aiming to employ more nature-inspired paint hues. Many shades of green can transition a room so that it helps give you a new boost of energy.

Now that you know of the popular painting trends for Southern homes, it’s time to decide how you want to redo your home. From using neutral-toned greens to using Pantone’s color of the year, there’s so much you can do to make your home feel new.

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