Political signs don’t belong on utility poles

Sign on AT & T utility pole on High Street

  Utility poles are not made for political signs, but apparently at least one candidate for the office of District 5 Carroll County commissioner does.

Cyril Ostiguy of Huntingdon put up his sign on a AT&T pole near the ByPass on High Street.

Utility companies that erect these poles frown upon uses other than their own. In fact, from what I understand, it is against the law.

This action was reported to the proper authorities this past week and by the weekend, it had disappeared.

But strangely enough, it is probably the same sign that now appears near Baptist Memorial Hospital – Carroll County, complete with two tiny flags. It is on the bottom of a signpost, that belongs to more than likely TDOT. There are some TDOT signs on signposts at the High Street – Bypass intersection that have some advertising on the bottoms of them.

Still, they look unsightly and should not be allowed. Tacky is the word for it. These are TDOT’s signs paid for by the state of Tennessee and not by any of these individuals.

Why doesn’t these companies want all these signs hanging all over their poles? First of all, it can damage the pole by driving nails and etc. into them if they are wood. Secondly, if it is a political sign, it looks as it that company is endorsing that candidate. I just imagine these poles cost a chunk of change when they are replaced.

So, if you, as a political candidate, are considering putting up a sign on a utility pole, DON”T.

 Sign relocated to TDOT sign post near Baptist – Carroll County Hospital

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