Plat to build “Small Town” presented on Tuesday 

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Well, here it is, folks. 

A subdivision plat has been submitted to the Lake Planning Commission that will be discussed at the 1 p.m. meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 27 concerning the “Little Town” that is being proposed on Humphreys Road. The plat submitted would subdivide 12 lots from two parent tracts, with a total area of 336 acres. It would be known as Venues on Broadway.

This newspaper received the agenda Sept. 20 which was too late for last week’s newspaper due to deadlines. The meeting place is at the Office Complex in an office at the rear of the building.

The Carroll County Commission voted at the Sept. 12 meeting on a resolution that changed the zoning on the property that loosened the restrictions on what could be built on the property. Members of the Lake Planning Commission had voted for the resolution earlier.

The county commission vote followed a public hearing at which a number of people spoke against the change. The vote was 13 to 7 to pass the resolution.

Al Jackson of Seattle, Washington has plans to develop the land into a small town of sorts that would have a drug rehab facility and an airport among other developments such as businesses and a music venue where artists could perform.

A one time alcoholic he said he was led here to build such a facility that would rehab addicts.

The plat says it would front both Highway 70 and Humphreys Road.

The proposed subdivision will have access to sewer service from the Town of Huntingdon and water service from the Cedar Grove Water District. A large portion of the proposed subdivision is located within a designated flood hazard area. 

It should be noted that preliminary approval would signify only tentative approval of the layout and configuration of the lots. Construction drawings (for the street, water, and sewer extensions) would have to be approved prior to the final plat being approved.

It should be noted that in many cases, lots being split which are larger than five acres in size are exempt form the subdivision regulations by state law. In this case, the exemption does not apply because there is a necessity for road, water, and sewer extensions.

The Community Planner Donny Bunton states in an agenda he sent out prior to the meeting there are eight concerns that he has that will have to be addressed prior to approval.

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