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People turn out in numbers to enjoy 29th Heritage Day 



The largest crowd ever, that’s was the general consensus of the people who attended Huntingdon’s 29th Annual Heritage Festival Saturday from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.

According to the printed program there were over 60 vendors and organizations that occupied booths around the Court Square and side streets just off the square.

“People seemed to be enjoying themselves very much,” said Katie Dill, the town’s Administrative Assistant and General Coordinator of the Festival. “The vendors were very busy all day serving the visitors. The weather was perfect and I heard nothing but wonderful compliments about how much people were enjoying themselves.”

There were amazing things to each from hamburgers and hotdogs to pork chops, barbecue bologna, lemonade, soft drinks, snow cones, donuts, popcorn.

A tent with tables and chairs were provided where people could stop and rest and enjoy some food while listening to one of the bands that performed.

Tate’s Pentecostal Church near Huntingdon was having a good day selling ice cold lemonade and hot dogs, Polish sausage and funnel cakes.

Hollye Goodrum said the money realized from the sales goes for the ladies’ ministries.

“We use it for blessing baskets for shut-ins, motel bills for conferences and other worthwhile projects to help people,” she said.

Working at the booth were Glinda Maxwell, Janet Colding, Loretta DePriest, Bobbie Jo McMackin. Twins Jacob and Andrew Skelton, 7, were helping with small chores.

Year old Ada Mysinger was enjoying the ice cream her mother Heather Mysinger was feeding her.

Heather, who now lives in Jackson, but raised in Huntingdon, was glad to be back to take advantage of the good food and check out the vendors.

Several family members were with them that included her mother, Christy Trevathan; her sister, Ashley Futrell, and her three children, Brycen, Anzleigh and Buckley.

Robert and Jenny Nanney of Dresden were in town for the day and night activities.

Jenny, a former Huntingdon High School teacher, who was the director for the Alumni Chorus that performed at the morning ceremony and was to be at the Mega reunion Saturday night.

Mary Dill of Jackson was renewing old acquaintances as she made her way around the square.

It was evident that it was a good day to celebrate a festival that offered good food and fellowship.

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