David Coy

I was listening to a speech recently that reported incidents of depression have increased so much recently that it had overtaken heart disease as the #1 concern in our country. While I cannot confirm this as accurate from my limited investigation, I have found there to be a link with coronary heart disease and depression. This link seems to be on the rise. The studies that I have examined seem to suggest that heart disease and depression are the leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Depression and anxiety are a huge concern in many people of all walks of life. Like many issues of mental illness, they can be managed with proper treatment and an honest approach from the person who is inflicted.

I listened recently to excerpts of wisdom life lessons, from a person in the past that struggled with what at that time was known as melancholy. This individual sought treatment and certainly advised seeking out help and support in every way available to an individual. As someone who has, and continues to, deal with mental illness in the family, I know the importance of facing any health concern with your eyes wide open. Health is not something one should sweep under the carpet as if it does not exist, in hopes that it disappears if it cannot be seen. Further, a wise individual said from experience that we should surround ourselves with positive role models that encourage and uplift us in spirit. We should also place our trust in someone greater than ourselves (I took that to mean Jehovah God), and we should not be idle. Being productive and active is important. In summary they said one can overcome with support and resolve. If we may be of service, please give us the opportunity. ~David

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