Over half of county commissioners are new

When the vote from Thursday’s State Primary and County General Election was tallied Thursday, 11 new county commissioners were elected, just over half of the 21 member Legislative Body.

Ten members of the Legislative Body did not run for reelection and one was defeated.

In District 1, Jimmy Halford (336 votes) will replace Jeremy Fowler, who chose not to run. Halford will be joined by incumbents Randy Long (319 votes) and Darrell Ridgely (363 votes) as commissioners. Not elected were Frank G. Casteel (94) votes and Patrick E. Lindsey (225 votes). All ran as independents except for Lindsey who was a Republican.

In District 2, Daniel L. Willman (187 votes), a Republican, will take Ronnie Murphy’s place. Murphy chose not to rerun. Willman  and Lana Suite, an independent, (210 votes) will serve the district. Bertha Taylor, a Democrat, received (163 votes).

In District 3, Joseph (Joey) Simmons (165 votes) is the new commissioner, replacing Steve Parker who decided not to run. Simmons will join Incumbent  commissioner Larry Spencer (215 votes) on the Legislative Body. Will McMackin (135 votes) was not elected. All three ran as independents.

In District 4, two new commissioners, Daniel J. Thomas (176 votes) and Lin Smith, (178 votes) will hold the slots previously occupied by John Mann, who chose not to run again and incumbent Hal Eason (168 votes) who was defeated. Others who were not elected included Donald Finch (76 votes) and T. Richard Goodwin (122 votes). All were independents except Thomas who was a Republican.

In District 5, the two elected  to the Legislative Body were Joey Darnall (671 votes) and Cyril Ostiguy (381 votes). They join incumbent Barry Mac Murphy (645 votes) on the Legislative Body. Not elected was Rakaya Humphreys with (322 votes). Darnall and Ostiguy were Republicans. Murphy and Humphreys were independents. Incumbents deciding not to run were Lori Nolen and Vince Taylor.

In District 6, Philip Moore (173 votes) is the newly elected commissioner who will replace Johnny Blount, who decided not to run. Moore will join incumbent Jimmy McClure (362 votes) on the Legislative Body. Both run as independents.

In District 7, Walter Smothers (374 votes) will replace Gerald Scarbrough, who decided not to run again. He will join incumbent Manuel Crossno (374 votes) on the Legislative Body. Virginia Ginger House (70 votes) was not elected. House ran as a Democrat while Smothers and Crossno were independents.

In District 8, the two incumbents, Jay Phipps (171 votes) and Willie Huffman (167 votes) were reelected. They had no opposition. Phipps run as a Republican and Huffman as an independent.

In District 9, Jason Martin (376 votes) and Spiros Roditis (457 votes) were elected and joined John Austin (451 votes) on the Legislative Body. Joel Washburn and Paula Watkins did not run again. All three elected run as independents.

Districts 1,5, 9 each elected three commissioners while the remainder of the districts elected two each. The terms are for four years.

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