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Not experiencing any troubles at the moment, but some recent events got me to thinking about the brevity of life this morning and what kind of legacy we wish to leave.

During the past week we lost three good people that we personally knew. Although the age range was mid-30s to the 90s each one was still quite a shock. Each one will be remembered for the positive and loving impacts they left on the lives they touched. In my opinion that is the best legacy.

One death was the result of a brief but tough battle with COVID-19; one died from the results of a head-on collision in broad daylight that probably happened so fast she had no chance to avoid; the oldest one died a short time after being diagnosed with cancer. All three were some of the most kind-hearted and gentle spirits that I knew.

When I was in my 20s I thought those in their 50s were “old” and those in their 60s and above were “ancient”. I am now find myself in that “ancient” category and wonder how I got there. Having hit the big 7-0 this spring was a biggie that surprised even me. How did I get there so fast? I mean childhood seems just like yesterday. And what legacy do I wish to be remembered by?

Life is described in the Bible as a vapor. We are compared to a flower that grows up, blooms and then soon withers. Unless we die young, getting older is a fact each one faces.  Just when we get the idea that we have our whole lives ahead of us there we are near the end. God only knows when that final day will be.

A lot of knowledge goes to the grave with those who pass on to the next life. I am thankful that we have the memories and hopefully many pictures.

What do we wish to accomplish during the time we have left? How do we wish to be remembered? I hope society will say that I contributed some good. Our six beautiful grandchildren (and one on the way) are a wonderful legacy.

I recommend that we get busy to make the most of each day.

Live life to the fullest. We never know when we will take our last breath. Leave no regrets. Plan for retirement, not only on earth but in the hereafter. Where do we want to spend eternity?

Newspapers happen to be my life and I guess I could say a small legacy, paling in comparison to the grands.

I say life is better with your newspaper. Read it and share it, then pass it on.

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