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Ostiguys say commissioners can take off lake wheel tax

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In response to the opinion piece in the Carroll County News-Leader on April 8 2020:
I would like to point out that we are not the only citizens of Carroll County who question the Lake Wheel tax.
We have spoken to hundreds of residents who question the wheel tax and have for several years.
We just exercised our constitutional right and obligation to question our governments management of our tax
dollars and asking for some answers.
So far we have been disappointed in the response we as citizens, representing the views of many, have received.
I would also like to point out (once again) the State Law passed March 22, 1983 that stated the County
Commission has the authority to change or cancel a wheel tax.
Outlined in the law was the proper manner to repeal any wheel tax.
The County Commission must approve any change in the wheel tax rate by a vote of two thirds or more at two
consecutive regularly schedule meetings.
This procedure was followed by having the resolutions reviewed January 6, 2003 then again January 13, 2003 and
passed both times.
The resolution was then signed and approved by the County Mayor Kenny McBride and attested by the county
clerk Carolyn Lutz January 13th, 2003, also by Watershed Authority Chairman Tommy Surber and Mayor McBride
on January 28th, 2003.
I quote:
“Words may show a man’s wit, but actions his meaning.”
— Benjamin Franklin
So are we to believe that the words written in the resolution so many years ago meant nothing as the actions seem
to show us?
Addressing both the Commissioners and the Watershed Authority boards with that question.
Janis and Cyril Ostiguy

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