Opioid settlement in millions

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Carroll County Commissioners passed three resolutions, elected notaries and approved monthly reports at the March 13 meeting.

Commissioners authorized the State of Tennessee and Other Local Governments in amending the Tennessee State-Subdivision Opioid Abatement Agreement and approving the Related Settlement Agreements.

In this settlement, Tennessee is eligible to receive more than $613 million over 18 years, with these maximum payments dependent on all settlement incentives being reached. If maximum payments are earned, up to $92 million of the settlement funds will be p aid directly to Tennessee counties and municipalities from the Subdivision Fund.

In the second resolution $500,000 of American Rescue Plan Act Funds for maintenance, repair, and improvements to the Carroll County Office Complex was approved.

In one of the resolutions, Brent Dillahunty and Michael Tate were reappointed, along with new member Ryan Drewry to the Carroll County Industrial Development Board.

Notaries elected included: W. Kent Jones, Brenda Walker and Amanda Sneed.

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