Old Things in Your House That Are Worth Money

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Collectors can be a quirky bunch. Things you think of as junk, that you packed away in boxes and forgot about years ago, might be worth a lot of money to them. Find out if there are old things in your house that are worth money by doing a little research online. Here’s a list to start you off:


The more digital our society gets, the more nostalgia builds for analog objects. Old typewriters that are in good shape and still functional could snare you from $200 to $500.

Old Advertising Signs

They hung on the sides of barns and the walls of bars: old advertising signs from the days before online ads started to drive you crazy are worth hundreds, or even thousands, to collectors. Coca Cola, motorcycles, and beer brands are popular.

Kansas Quarters

The state quarter series experienced a glitch in 2005, when a run of Kansas quarters dropped the “T” in “In God We Trust.” The resulting motto, “In God We Rust” wasn’t exactly what the mint had in mind. The error was quickly fixed, but some coins found their way into circulation and are now worth about $100.

Vinyl Records

Aficionados swear that vinyl sounds better than CDs or streaming. Along with the turntables that play them, vinyl records are experiencing a renaissance. Rare records, or those with artwork that was released before it was revised, can fetch hundreds, even thousands, of dollars.

Old Polaroid Cameras

Vintage cameras are attractive to collectors. Polaroids that still work and have film available are especially popular.


Your parents may have stashed a case of their favorite bourbon or scotch in the attic and forgotten about it. Rare or old liquor has become a collector’s item. You could even start your own collection with bottles you find in your home. Even if the bottles aren’t that old, if they’re a hard-to-find brand, they could be worth money in the secondary market at auction. Just make sure that if you decide to sell, you’re doing it legally.

Toys From the 70s, 80s, and 90s

Original in-box Star Wars action figures and other toys from the 70s can fetch a pretty penny. Polly Pocket toys, old toys from Happy Meals, Cabbage Patch dolls, and original American Girls dolls all have collector communities that might be interested.

If you find something in your home you think might be a treasure in disguise, do your research. You can see what similar items have gone for in online marketplaces, and how much the condition matters to the price. There are even appraisal services for things like old comic books, which must be in perfect condition to fetch a good price. Have fun scouring your home, and good luck finding hidden treasure!

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