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sarahSMITH-student writer

The house system has come to Central, and it is here to stay.

On February 14, every student in grades 6-12 was called to the gym to receive this news that will change Hollow Rock-Bruceton forever. Each student was sorted into one of seven different houses or dens. The Dens are Integritas, Honestas, Humilitas, Preserverantia, Animo, and Fides. Students can earn points for their house every week by participating in academic and nonacademic competitions.

Assistant Principal Chris Finley stated the purpose of this system as, “We want students to want to come to school.” The communal hope at HRB is that through friendly competition and providing everyone with a place to belong, students will be more motivated to attend and do well in school. Junior Keagon Florence says, “It is beneficial for people because it helps them socialize and get out of their little bubbles.” 7th grade student Taylor Graves enthusiastically says, “The day reminded me that school is supposed to be fun, not just boring all the time.” It is certain that everyone on The Hill is excited for this change in their school.

Everyone at Central is extremely proud of the boys high school basketball team. The team has done exceptionally well lately, cruising through the first round of district tournament play and rising to become one of the top four teams in the district. Caleb Haskins has yet again scored the most points recently, with a total of 91 points, averaging about 15 points each game. The Tigers started regional tournament games on February 26.

The girls’ last game was on February 12, when they played Frank Hughes. The game went into overtime, and the Lady Tigers ultimately lost by four points. Eighth grader Olivia Scott says, “I am so glad I got to play with an amazing group of girls. They are very hardworking and aggressive. We might not have been so lucky this season, but we are going to work and next season we are coming back better than ever.”

High school and middle school cheer tryouts are scheduled for March 4 this year. Coach Courtney Oatsvall says, “I’m excited for tryouts this year. It’s always a tough week for all the candidates because they work so hard in such a short time frame. We have a great bunch of incoming 6th and 9th graders; it should be a strong squad. I look forward to seeing what they bring to the table, and most importantly how they can contribute to the Tiger Pride culture!” Eighth grader Joseph Franklin states, “Confidence is the only way to success, especially on the field.”

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