No Bruceton in May event this year

At the March 9 meeting, it didn’t take long for Bruceton aldermen to begin the process that will change the 7 p.m. board meetings each month to 5 p.m. In fact, It only took seven minutes for the entire meeting.

Aldermen were also informed by Mayor Bob Keeton there would be no Bruceton in May event again this year due to the COVID-19 threat. This is the second year for the town’s day of activities to be cancelled.

The meeting time change ordinance will have to pass one more reading before going into effect. It will start with the May meeting unless a called meeting is held before the regular scheduled meeting on April 13.

Alderman Scotty Higdon made the motion to pass the measure with alderman Joey Simmons giving it a quick second that was followed by a unanimous yes vote by the remaining board members.

The change of time for the monthly meeting was first suggested at 6 p.m. by new alderman Chris Cole because of his work schedule as a Huntingdon police officer.

But it was later decided to set the start of the meeting at 5 p.m.

Consideration was given to the fact that town recorder Annie Hand lives in the West Carroll area about 35 miles away.

Most governmental bodies across the county are changing their meetings to an earlier time than 7 p.m.

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