Newly elected Bruceton aldermen sworn in

The winners in the Bruceton town election were sworn in during the Nov. 10 meeting. Cliff Sturdivant, Scotty Higdon, and newcomer Chris Cole took the oath of office from town attorney Michael King.Sturdivant, who is the current vice mayor, was again elected to that position. Mayor Bob Keeton pointed out that historically the position has gone to the candidate with the most  votes and that was Sturdivant who had 446. However, the mayor said the selection did not have to be by vote.

In comments from the mayor, he thanked those who decided to run in the town’s election and concluded that everything is going well. In comments from the aldermen, Cole ask about the completion date of the current sidewalk project.  The mayor said it would be continued as soon as the town has another project that uses concrete.

Sturdivant ask about the possibility of applying for grants for much needed items for the town. The mayor said Davina Guischick would probably be coming to a meeting after the first of the year to discuss writing a grant for two lift stations and a new telephone system. The town must have 250 community surveys by Christmas from citizens in order to apply for the grant. Citizens may fill out the surveys at city hall.

 Full-time employees will be receiving $275 each as Christmas bonuses this year while part-time employees will be given $125 each. This is the same amounts the employees have been receiving in the past

A payment of $18,826.36 to BAM2 was authorized by aldermen. The invoice was for radio control systems for the town’s four wells and two water tanks. The control systems allows for problems to be known immediately.

The mayor reminded aldermen that the staff Christmas luncheon would be Dec. 2 at 1 p.m. at Mallard’s Restaurant.

Before the meeting concluded, Sturdivant noted that three generations of Coles have been elected to the board. Chris was preceded by his father, Robert, and his grandfather, Stanley.

The next board meeting si Dec. 8 at 7 p.m.

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