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New organization seeks to unite young professionals

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A new organization is being formed to bring Carroll County’s young professionals together. Carroll County Young Professionals (CCYP) will host it’s first event tonight (Tuesday) at 1822 Coffee Co. on East Main Street in Huntingdon at 5:30. 

Organizer Savanna Wilson hopes the event will bring forth ideas of what prospective members hope to see out of the group. 

Wilson says that anyone who lives or works in Carroll County is welcome to attend the opening event. While the title includes “young” professionals, Wilson said there is no hard age restriction on joining the group. 

In addition to bringing young professionals together to build and strengthen relationships, CCYP will also have a service component. Wilson said Monday that preliminary service ideas are focused on assisting other groups in service efforts rather than beginning new projects for now. 

Wilson said CCYP was formed with the goal of helping form relationships within our community to help the growth and development individually and as a whole for the future of Carroll County.

Other early members include Rachel Carter, Katelyn Spivey, Kate Carter, Lacy Yeley, and Collin Pruett.

For more information, email [email protected].

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