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New officers elected for County E911 Board

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New officers for Carroll County E911 were elected at a Dec. 15 virtual meeting.

Vice Chairman Willie Huffman will assume the position of chairman to succeed chairman Andy Dickson. Other officers elected were: vice chairman, Max Anderson; treasurer, Larry Elliott;  and secretary, Roger Christian, 

Board members agreed on amounts for Christmas bonuses for dispatchers. Anderson’s motion to give part-time dispatchers $50 each and full-time dispatchers $100 each passed. The motion included Security/Medicare payments so dispatchers would receive the full amount of the bonus.

The $800 each Christmas bonuses for E911 director Kristy Meggs and secretary Crystal Sullivan were included in the 2020-2021 budget and did not have to be voted on.

Two budget amendments were passed. Some $500 in expenses for software licenses were added to that line item. The line item for consulting services was increased by $6,000.

Meggs advised board members that auditor Godwin & Associates had completed their portion of the E911audit with no findings for the year ending 2020. It has now been forwarded to the Tenn. Comptroller’s Office for final review.

She also said that text -2-9-1-1- has been tested during the later part of the Dec. 6 week. Equipment at PSAP was ready to accept text -2-9-1-1.

“E911 is still waiting on approval from FCC and will move forward with testing from individual carriers,”  said Meggs.

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