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New McKenzie Chamber of Commerce holding membership drive

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The newly formed McKenzie Chamber of Commerce and Industry is holding it’s initial membership drive, and they’re not just looking for businesses to join.

According to the membership drive’s brochure, the vision of the McKenzie Chamber is to “be the driving force in building a vibrant and prosperous community through business leadership. Our membership represents the interests of the majority of our communities, businesses and industries, we passionately support these entities to engage loyalty, ensure success and create value for our members”

Membership benefits include monthly newsletter emails, business referrals from the chamber’s website, Facebook page, and to anyone requesting information about the community, a decal to display membership, seminars, workshops, and an annual banquet, discounted rates to use the RailYard Co-Working, training, and conference rooms, networking events, and more.

Membership dues range from $60 annually for a private citizen to just over $1,000 for manufacturers with more than 300 employees. The dues for a business with 1-5 employees is $140.

The McKenzie Chamber of Commerce and Industry was seeded by the McKenzie Industrial board.

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