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New legal/accounting firm now open in Clarksburg

Clarksburg welcomed a new legal/accounting firm on Friday with the opening of David W. Huss, PLLC at 3610 Highway 22.  Huss’ decision to locate in Clarksburg stems from his appreciation of the community as a whole as well as the location of his wife’s family.  He is married to the former Jamie Lindsey and has four sons, Brett, Brandon, Nathan, and Preston.  

 “I have always liked the area and have always thought the Crum house would be perfect for an office,” said Huss. “Since my wife’s family lives in Clarksburg, I figured that one day we will move closer to them.” 

Huss’ firm will offer services both as an attorney as well as a certified public accountant.  Having over 30 years of experience as a CPA as well as extensive experience in local government and school system administration at both the local and state level, Huss added his law credential in 2009.  He has been practicing part-time since 2011.  He has been employed at Bethel University since 2013 where he currently serves as Vice President for Finance and chief financial officer.

The firm will operate on a part-time basis and by appointment since Huss will continue in his role at Bethel University.  

 Commenting on what the firm offers, Huss said “For individuals, I am able to provide full-service bookkeeping, tax advice and preparation, and legal representation in areas such as contracts, wills, divorce, and tax disputes. I will also continue my services to local governments and K-12 school systems.   A full range of services can be viewed on my website at www.husslawcpa.com.”  

The combination of law and accounting is a natural one for Huss. 

 “I have always thought these two areas go hand in hand, and my experiences over the past 30 years confirm it,” he said.

 Huss will not be involved in the practice of criminal law.

Clarksburg Mayor Howell Wayne Todd participated in the firm’s opening and said he was pleased to have someone with local connections establish a professional office here.  

“We have some truly remarkable businesses in town, and David’s location here adds to the range of convenient professional services our community can access locally,” he said.

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