New dispatch equipment cost to top $100K

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At the Oct. 22 meeting, Carroll County E911 board members learned of some bad news that will be costly.

Board Chairman Sheriff Andy Dickson informed members that a radio console at the Emergency Operation Center (EOC) office had crashed and was out of service.

“No longer can a dispatcher sit in a chair and dispatch,” said Dickson. “The radio system was very old and no longer can parts be found for it.”

He said there is only one console working now, but that it was not surprising one went down because the equipment was not expected to survive the move from the 126 West Paris office to the new EOC next to the jail.

Mike Badgett Jr. with B & E Electronics, who was present at the meeting, advised that he had been unsuccessful in obtaining parts for the console.

How the new equipment would be paid for drew much discussion. It is expected to cost between $100,000 and $150,000.

Although B & E submitted two different bids it will have to go through the bidding process.

In a motion made by board member Terry Bradshaw that passed, it was agreed that the E911 District would enter into an interlocal agreement with Carroll County to make an impact payment not to exceed $100,000 for the purpose of purchasing three radio consoles to be placed at the EOC and for Carroll County to be responsible for the bid process, maintenance, and insurance on the equipment.

The sheriff said that he would be able to take $50,000 from his budget towards the project.

During the meeting, board members agreed to drop the selling price on the building at 126 West Paris St. that E911 owns to $145,000. Originally, the price was set at $186,000 in May when it was listed with real estate agent Bud Ricketts. The agent, who was present at the meeting, said said he has had four showings and some phone inquiries, but no offers.

“It’s about finding the right fit,” said Ricketts. 

E911 director Kristy Meggs said it was costing about $500 a month for the building’s utilities.

A FirstNet cell phone will continue to be used in dispatch after Meggs told board members that the phone will help with communications in the event of a disaster. 

“When using FirstNet as a service, first responders are allowed priority for service over citizens,” she said. The cost is $40 a month.

Board member Danny Brawner whose term is up in Nov. ask not to be reappointed on the board. His name will be taken off as an authorized signee for CD’s at Apex bank and on the checking account at FirstBank. Board member Steve Price will assume those responsibilities. Other signees are Larry Elliott, Roger Christian and Willie Huffman.

A records request policy that was passed out at the meeting will be reviewed by board members and placed on the agenda at the next meeting.

Meggs updated the board on several other items. An autism awareness training session was attended by approximately 50 first responders at a cost of $32 each. Board members Max Anderson, Willie Huffman and Terry Bradshaw also attended.

 Meggs has contacted AT & T and is awaiting a follow-up in order to proceed with text-to-911.

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