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  • National Newspaper Week is this week, Oct. 2-8.

National Newspaper Week is this week, Oct. 2-8.

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This marks the 82nd year of National Newspaper Week (NNW) which observes the importance of newspapers to communities large and small

I love what the above wording says. Newspapers can do a lot in the way of investigating and shining a light on things that need correcting. That’s what I have always enjoyed about my job and I have done some investigating and won press awards on it. 

Government is always a good place to do some digging.

Americans believe in and rely upon community newspapers.  I had someone at the Heritage Festival last week stop me and tell me they would not have known about a certain meeting that she attended if it had not been in our newspaper.

That gave me a “feel good feeling “ and made me know that newspapers are still doing their job.


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