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Mutual assistance provided for storm damage

CCED General Manager Danny Brawner advised the board that the CCED is providing mutual assistance to Henderson and Decatur Counties to help repair recent electric grid damage in those two counties caused by strong storms and winds.

“Henderson and Decatur County were hit really hard,” said Brawner. “They say it’s worse than the 94′ ice storm.”

According to Brawner, the CCED is lending out over half its personnel and equipment with the target counties reimbursing the CCED for labor, transportation costs, materials and for man hours at time and a half.

Brawner pointed out that if a federal disaster is declared, the two counties should be able to get back 80 percent of the expense in the form of a grant.

“We have mutual aid agreements with the surrounding utility districts, and they would be helping us out if the situation was reversed,” said Brawner. “We’re not trying to make money on this; we just try to break even.”

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