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Must-Have Tools for Your Garage Workshop

Your garage is where you take all your large-scale projects, but you cannot build well without the proper instruments. Here are the must-have tools for your garage workshop.

The Workbench

No high-quality work is easy to do without a stable workbench. Whether you build one yourself or find one elsewhere, your workbench is your workstation for all garage workshopping. Before you select your workbench, anticipate your needs and projects. Will you need to mount wood-cutting instruments, or do you need wide space for large items? Make sure you factor in the dimensions of your garage and the area where you’ll likely need to complete projects.

Common Toolset

A proper toolset will give you the breadth you desire for every project, though you may need specialized power tools for the depth of ability. Common toolsets typically include tape measures, hammers, utility knives, saws, levels, screwdrivers, wrenches, and pliers. You can choose a large toolset if you need many types of each tool, or you can opt for a small set of bare essentials. Do your research on the durability and application of the items before you choose a set.

Power Tools

Power tools both accelerate and simplify many workshopping processes, so you must have the equipment that relates to the work you’ll do consistently. For example, if you focus on woodworking, you’ll want a circular saw handy to cut cleaner and faster edges. Or, if you plan on assembling larger items, you’ll want a cordless power drill with an assorted set of drill bits. These bits will range from screwdriver bits to hole-boring bits. You can also put an electric lock pick tool to use if you construct doors or even lock yourself out of your own home from the garage. Like the common toolset, you’ll want a specific power toolset depending on your projects.

Cleaning Supplies

Garage workshopping is a dirty business, often leaving wood shavings and rusty tools in its wake. You will want quality cleaning supplies to maintain a pristine working environment. Keep a shop vacuum handy to suck up your dust from workshopping. This heavy-duty vacuum handles much larger volumes of debris than your typical home vacuum cleaner. You’ll also want a set of steel, copper, and brass cleaners, along with steel-bristled brushes and degreasers, to both clean and polish your tools. With the proper care, you can extend the lifetime of your instruments well beyond normal.

Stock up on these must-have tools for your garage workshop so you can complete every project with precision and passion. Workshopping is an excellent hobby, but only with the right tools in hand.

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