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Multiple Charges

  • Rachel Shantell Scott, 48 of Bruceton was cited for drug/ narcotics violations and drug equipment violations.

     On October 20th, Deputy McGee responded to an address in Bruceton to assist the Benton County Sheriffs Department, per investigation of counterfeit money. While inside the home, in plain sight, the officers located scales and a small amount of a substance that field tested positive for meth. Ms. Rachel Scott did admit the substance belonged to her. This incident did occur in Carroll County.

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  • Christine A. Young, 45 of Cedar Grove is an accused suspect during this investigation currently.

     On October 26th, Deputy Winberry responded to a call at the Quality Service Center, off HWY 7o, in reference to an employee stealing lottery tickets. Once on the scene, the deputy viewed the surveillance video and spoke to another employee, Ms. Dill. Dill stated that Christine Young had stolen several lottery tickets, scratched them without paying for them, and received money from the winnings of the tickets. The amount Ms. Young received from the winnings was well over $4,000. A report was taken, and the investigation was turned over to the investigators.

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  • Mike Brotherton, 59 of Hollow Rock was charged with aggravated assault and vandalism under $1,000.

     On October 23rd, around 5:15 p.m., Teresa Karpp reported that Mike Brotherton came to her family’s residence and attacked her son with a chain. Seven officers responded to the call, upon their arrival, Brotherton fled the scene. Officers located the chain, which was about two feet long with two locks attached to it. Victim, Donald Karpp, stated Brotherton had hit him in the face and head with the chain, causing damage to his glasses. The victim did have visible injuries and it was visible that his glasses were broken, being valued at $400. Brotherton was located later and arrested for the above charges.

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     On October 25th around 8:30 am, Jonathan Moore, arrived at the Carroll County Sheriffs department to fie a report in reference to a scam. Moore stated that on October 22nd, he received a text from a First Sergeant Burton, who requested a phone call. After Moore talked with Burton, a problem was reported with Moore’s pay from basic training. Burton had a lot of knowledge of the military lingo and requested $960.00 via cashapp from Moore. On October 24th, Moore sent the money around 6 am via cashapp. Moore did speak with his sergeant, who informed him that another member of the unit was also scammed as well out of $4,000.

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Simple Assault

  • Stacy Hinson, 47 of Huntingdon was arrested for a simple assault on October 21st in Carroll County.

     On October 20th, James Hinson reported that his son, Stacy Hinson, had assaulted him. James Hinson stated he gave his son a ride somewhere in Trezevant and once they returned home, his son had gotten mad at him. His son ended up hitting him causing him to fall to the ground. Mr. Hinson stated his son held him down by his neck, not allowing him to get up on his feet. His son was arrested the following day.

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Vehicle Theft

            On October 22nd, dispatch received a call from Charles Williams in reference to his 1987 Chevy S-10 Pickup being stolen. The truck was stolen from a property off Buena Vista Road and valued at $5,000. Mr. Williams stated the truck was last seen on the property two days prior to the report. Several tools and a toolbox as well, were in the vehicle. A report was filed, and the vehicle was entered into NCIC. On October 23rd the vehicle was recovered on Harmon Road, in Buena Vista.

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